Virtual Event Platform – A Tool For Convening Virtual Conferences

virtual event platform

What is a virtual event platform and waht is it the best virtual platform? These questions are asked with great passion by those who are interested in hosting a conference or similar event. So, the first thing one should ask oneself is whether to use the virtual event software, the second is about its cost and the third is about its usage. The answer is quite simple – yes, it is the best virtual platform for conferences as well as for any other type of events held in the virtual world.

What You Need to Know

Three buckets of virtual conference tools have been built based on virtual conference platform comparison. To simplify it, we have designed three buckets: Virtual event software. These are generally the least expensive. They can be installed easily by a user with little technical knowledge and the basic knowledge about using Microsoft Office. However, they come with certain restrictions like limited number of participants, a limited number of pages of documents and no live video.

Virtual event platforms are generally hosted by event vendors. This is not so costly and the vendor can provide you with some customized tools. But as most of them offer a basic version for free, this is a good option for those who want to hold their conference in a basic virtual environment. But, if the host is not experienced enough in using the tools, the virtual tools offered by the vendor may be less reliable and more prone to errors.

A more expensive virtual event is hosted by large corporations. These companies usually have dedicated and experienced IT professionals who can handle all the tasks involved in setting up such an event. But in general, the cost of hosting a conference is more than one can bear and in such cases, it makes more sense to spend on the services of a professional event organizer.


Most of the event organizers have an event package which covers all the basic steps involved in a virtual conference. They also include the web-conferencing tools and hosting of conference call sessions. With these packages, the host need not worry about the usage of other features such as the e-mail account, file sharing, etc. They can focus solely on the conference call and file sharing. Some of the event planners also offer services such as live streaming video, image broadcasting, voice and webcam and audio streaming.

virtual event platform

Some of these event packages offer services such as online application support, online registration and remote data transfer. Some offer even mobile phone support for making appointments for conference calls. Others provide a virtual address book to make the conference calls from mobile devices.

One can find a wide variety of virtual conference platform packages in the market. Many of these platforms come with an easy-to-use user interface that helps in configuring it without the assistance of a professional. There are web conferences, virtual web conferencing, email or conference calling and live streaming.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is the simplest but most expensive one as it offers the most features of a web conference. If one is going to hold a web conference in person, there are several options in front of him – a webcam and audio and video conferencing. But, these are less useful as they require attending to a meeting via telephones, laptops, desktop and other such electronic devices. A user cannot see the participant and cannot hear their voice. If someone has a problem, there is no one to help and they can even make wrong calls.

A web conference is a kind of virtual conference which is hosted via web-based tools such as a web conference software. These tools allow the participants to view each other and interact through a web browser. The participants can send each other messages and share files and documents on the internet. With the help of a conference call, participants can get in touch with each other over the internet and get to know each other better. Even if one’s computer does not have an internet connection, a web conference will be able to operate through the Internet. through a telephone or a VoIP service such as Skype.

Virtual conference call services come with various features and are priced differently depending on the use. Of course, the services provided by different virtual conference platforms vary according to the type of conference call used. As per the number of participants, the pricing plans differ.

Each virtual event platform has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage of such platforms is that they allow users to share presentations via the internet for free. This makes it possible for many users to share the same information simultaneously, which in turn increases the possibility of interaction among the participants.