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Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a marketing strategy, event, activity or program companies utilize to advertise their products, brand, and/or services via real-time interaction. Events may be online or offline, and businesses can participate either as sponsors, hosts or participants. Some event marketing examples may include the following: trade shows, exhibits, promotional activities, fairs, conferences, seminars, webinars, meetings, interactive websites, concerts, corporate events, corporate retreats, festivals, family events, sports events, religious events, anniversary parties, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor parties, proms, birthdays, graduations, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. All of these events could be considered an Event Marketing event and are covered in this article.

Marketing Methods

Event marketing can be accomplished through one of two different means: using traditional methods or online methods. Traditional methods include print advertising, television advertisements, radio and print ads, as well as local and national radio and print media. Online methods include webinars, online presentations, email newsletters, blog post distribution and online advertising, social networking, and other internet resources. While the internet has many advantages for businesses, it also has some disadvantages. One of the major drawbacks is that Event Marketing requires an initial investment in advertising and promotion costs. Although these initial costs can be offset by targeted traffic, there is no guarantee that this targeted traffic will convert into sales.

Depending on the business needs of the client, companies may choose to have a more expensive or cheaper Event Marketing approach. For example, if a company has a high-end product or service, they may want to create a high-end event marketing strategy that requires the hiring of a professional or having the event promoted through various media. In contrast, a smaller local, start-up company would probably benefit from a more affordable Event Marketing strategy. A small business may want to create a local event marketing strategy but might not have the resources, time, or experience to create a larger, high-profile event marketing strategy.


Event marketing examples also encompass the need for more planning and preparation than other forms of advertising. One way to prepare for a potential Event Marketing event is to have a marketing plan. A good marketing plan should include marketing goals, target audience, the timing of the event, the cost for advertising and promotion, media used, the time allotted for participants, number of participants, types of participants, etc. A successful marketing plan should also include a marketing communication process, as well as detailed steps to follow as events proceed. Planning an effective Event Marketing plan can save the business money in the future as well as a plan can provide the necessary details as to how to make future Event Marketing efforts successful.

event marketing

Event marketing can help businesses communicate their presence to a wider audience. If the company has a product or service that is not readily available, they can advertise it through events. Events may be open to everyone. For example, an event for a local funeral can reach people all over the world. However, some events require that the family and friends of the deceased attend or sponsor an event to give their support.

Another example of an Event Marketing example includes events for children’s parties. Children’s parties can be planned at local schools, churches, community centres, or other places where children gather such as daycare centres and schools.


Event Marketing events may be fun for kids and also offer a lot of entertainment opportunities for adults. For example, a popular trend is to organize a party at a school or other area, then take over the event hall for the kids for a day to create a fun environment for the kids. Adults who are interested in attending can purchase a party pass, which allows them to the entrance to the venue and provides an unlimited number of drinks and food during the event.

Business owners who have experienced this form of marketing often praise the benefits of it, as it allows for more personalized exposure to their company. It allows for a business owner to have a higher level of interaction with their customers. Event Marketing can also generate leads and generate repeat customers because of the higher level of interaction and direct contact between the business and their customers. These events are good business investments for both parties.…

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